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Spa near Kiev

The country spa "Spa Seasons" is located in the resort area of Koncha-zaspa, just a 20-minute drive from Kiev, surrounded by coniferous forest, so even the air here is inconvenient and enhances the effect of restorative and cosmetic procedures.

Lift your spirits, cheer up, relax, lose weight… The combination of aesthetic pleasure, derived from the contemplation of the amazing nature of Koncha-zaspa, as well as the extraordinary procedures of the SPA Seasons spa near Kiev, have a stunning effect on any person. SPA treatments are performed using natural aromaoilas in combination with different massage techniques. Tonic aromamassage using essential oils; Scrub to eliminate dead skin cells; Nourishing mask of marine minerals; bath with sea salt and citrus oils; Body massage with scrub; Irrigation with rose water; massage using warm herbal oils and steam bath… All procedures are performed in specially equipped rooms, which create a calming, relaxing atmosphere that contributes to the desired effect. And for those who want to maintain their health, we have developed special wellness tours with the right detox diet.

"Spa Seasons" is a unique place, visiting which, everyone can feel that he was born anew. All procedures that offer skillful hands of our specialists, allow to relieve stress, improve the condition of the skin and metabolic processes in the body. As a result- great well-being and a feeling of complete harmony.

Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of physical and spiritual renewal in the spa hotel near Kiev "Seasons of Spa."

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