Hardware lifting to improve the contour of the face, to combat a double chin.

The procedure has a profound effect, strengthening the facial muscles and restoring their tone. The oval of the face is quickly lifted, and the skin becomes smooth.


Lymphatic drainage is a draining stimulation that activates the vital functions of the skin, removes toxins, improves tissue respiration, and relieves swelling.
Myostimulation is passive gymnastics, a unique and comfortable technique for stimulating facial muscles, restoring their volume and tone, using electrodes. Wrinkles are smoothed out, the skin of the face is tightened and looks like after lifting.
Massage with essential oils – a personalized program tailored to your skin type and condition. The assortment includes 5 types of blends of essential oils for different tasks.

Smoothing fine and deep wrinkles, restoring skin tone, lifting the face oval, eliminating double chin, eliminating crow’s feet around the eyes.

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