Vacuum roller massage using the French device “Le Prus” is the only technique recognized by plastic surgeons around the world as an alternative to liposuction in the treatment of cellulite and overweight.

After several procedures, you will notice that your belly has tightened and became flatter, the skin has become elastic and smooth, the waist has appeared, the puffiness has gone, and the cellulite has simply disappeared!

At the beginning of the procedure, the specialist turns on the lymphatic drainage system, by acting on the lymphatic drainage points, so that excess fluid and toxins come out. This is very important for the cellulite treatment procedure. After that, a massage is performed without oil, with a change of attachments.⠀

Solves problems:

localized fat deposits
complex cellulite therapy
change in figure after childbirth
traumatic pain
silhouette modeling

The device “Le Prus” acts on the deeper layers of the skin and tissues, stimulating the natural production of collagen. As a result of the operation of the camera-manipulator, revolutionary changes take place in the skin cells: new collagen and elastin fibers appear, which form a new skin frame with the correct structure.

It is performed both on the whole body and on problem areas.

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