The perfect place to meet!

The summer terrace of Koncha-zaspa

The summer terrace of Koncha-zaspa

Dear guests!

We are waiting for you on the summer terrace with beautiful views of the pool and pine trees, where you will enjoy the fresh air in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Soft sofas and comfortable armchairs, open grill- You will definitely want to stay here longer. Take a glass of wine-on a good day is a special treat.

This is not only an opportunity to enjoy delicious cuisine with kebabs, drinks, cocktails, but also a great chance to relax and relax from the bustle of the city.

The provence-style white terrace is a stunning place for evening meetings with friends, business lunches, corporate events, holiday banquets and routs. We organize children's holidays for every taste- combine swimming in the pool, outdoor games and healthy food, what can be more so memorable?

Enjoy the beautiful views of the pine forest, the freshness of the pool, unique dishes and cocktails!

Fresh air, silence, birdsong, soft tones in the interior of the terrace create a sense of security and peace.

Capacity: up to 100 people.
Waiting for you: 07.00-22.00

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