Water and baths

Russian bath on wood near Kiev

Everyone has heard about the unique benefits of the Russian bath, and someone has probably already experienced all the miraculous properties of bath procedures and medicinal bath steam. Here is an incomplete list of the beneficial effect of the Russian bath on the internal organs and systems of the human body: strengthening the nervous system, improving and increasing the intensity of kidney function, regulating blood pressure, normalizing metabolic processes, improving the condition of the joints, activated the activity of the endocrine system and genitals, inhalation and breathing training, and increased sweating cleanse of the body from toxins, which is especially useful for those who are sedentary.

Bath literally transforms a person, young, hardens his body, improves the functions of sebaceous and sweat glands, makes the skin elastic and elastic. It is also a great way to burn unwanted fat and get a slender figure. Practice proved that every visit to the bath can lose 2 kilograms, and in a month or two a sense of lightness, vivacity, activity and optimism will fill your once tired body.

Along with other high-end spa treatments and detox programs, the boutique hotel "Seasons SPA" which is located in Koncha-zaspa, near Kiev, offers its guests to experience all the splendor of healing procedures of the Russian bath, which is not just a balanced health care, but a great way of relaxation.

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