SPA center - life in the style of SPA


The spa “Spa Seasons” is located in the resort area of Koncha-zaspa, just a 20-minute drive from Kiev, surrounded by coniferous forest, so even the air here is inconvenient and enhances the effect of restorative and cosmetic procedures. Therefore, if the phrase “eco rest near Kiev” surprises you, then you will find a pleasant surprise! Our spa near Kiev uses only natural remedies and drugs with the most gentle effect: during the procedures you inhale healing aromas, they penetrate deeply into the skin and fill the whole body, natural vital forces. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of physical and spiritual renewal at the SPA Seasons Spa. In our work we use both traditional methods and innovative solutions. In Kiev’s center only professional products of the most famous manufacturers: “Elemis,” “Sothys,” “Mary Cohr,” “Algotherm,” “Thalasso Bretagne,” “Morjana,” “ORising,” “Lebel,” “Kydra,” “Fedua,” “SUDA” and others.

The most modern equipment and high professionalism allow to provide careful and careful care of the body, skin, hair, hands and feet, while achieving, indeed, amazing results. All year at your service a complex of water procedures: hammam, sauna, spa pool, whirlpool, showers: Vichy and Sharko, which tone the body, cleanse the skin, and peels and a variety of massage techniques enhance their effect. Unique programs of relaxation, detox, recovery and correction of the figure will allow you to forget about stress and immerse yourself in the world of beauty, health and comfort. We have prepared special spa tours for women, men and even children, as well as family programs for the holiday in the spa hotel near Kiev. Incredibly chic spa programs for lovers: the bride and groom, their friends and girlfriends will be a nice addition to the wedding celebration. Also, here you can order a banquet near Kiev or a conference room.

The doors of the spa are open to guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but if necessary or if pre-recorded, the time of the procedures can be changed at a convenient time for you.
We are always happy for you! Ready to anticipate any desire you want! Life is so beautiful, and it is in our power to make its colors and emotions even brighter!