Water and baths

SAUNA near Kiev

The Finnish sauna is known all over the world for its healing heat. The most pronounced effect of sauna has on heat exchange, circulation, improved metabolic processes, increased immunity. Finnish sauna is often used as a means of combating excess weight. The Finnish sauna is a very popular holiday destination. In its lekar properties it is close to the Russian. Steam and heat have a beneficial effect on the whole body. The sauna regulates metabolism and normalizes pressure. In addition, pores are opened in the bath and toxins are excreted.

Initially, the sauna is intended as a place of pleasure. The high temperature allows you to relax and steam your whole body. After a hot steam you can jump into a cool pool, or take a cool shower. The sauna is primarily dry hot steam and unprecedented heat. The humidity is low. About 5-15%. Due to the low humidity, the high temperature in the steam room is easily tolerated. The heat causes increased sweating. This is relevant when removing toxins and toxins accumulated in the body. The sauna perfectly relieves physical tension, relaxing all muscle groups. In one such hike, an adult can lose up to a kilogram of excess weight. In the steam sauna you can stay no more than 5-10 minutes in one visit. In total, up to three entrances to the steam room are allowed. You can only breathe open-mouthed and, if possible, not talk. The use of a vein, as it is done in a Russian bath, is quite permissible. Only, to avoid burns, the temperature should be lower than usual.

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